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 Hey! Howdy! How's it goin'?
 Welcome to my homepage, we're so happy you could join us! (:
 Please don't mind the mess, hard to keep up with things around here. I'm sure you get it.
 I mainly plan to use this site as a place to put my various creative pursuits.
 Eventually you'll be able to find my [many] shrines for things I love,
 anti-shrines (Fifth Circle) for things I can't stand, actual reviews of
 media that I don't put on my rating sites, and of course aforementioned creative content.

 To the right, the Winamp window is fully functional [just like real Winamp], movable, 
 and fully stocked with music made 100% by me! Enjoy messing around with it!
 [I recommend collapsing the middle [equalizer] panel on the homepage]

 Currently only the About and Projects pages are functional
 [Individual project pages in the works]

 Best viewed on any browser in 1920x1080. [I use Pale Moon]